I rarely write reviews, but I HAVE to for the amazing Healthy Hounds! I cannot recommend Healthy Hounds more! I wish I could give this place a 10!! My 2 year old Catahoula/German Shepherd mix LOVES going to playgroup! I was super nervous about letting Webster go anywhere after having a very bad experience at a local dog daycare in Peabody, but after finding Rachel, I couldn’t be happier.

Having gone back to work full time and with my partner’s business picking up, our poor Webby wasn’t getting the exercise he had been used to getting and I had to do something. I searched extensively for a place I could be sure he would be treated well and enjoy himself while there. Rachel has been nothing short of absolutely amazing! I loved her application process and she met us at her location so Webby could become familiar with it prior to going. She is extremely responsive and truly cares about my baby, as well as all the other pups that attend her center. She only hires the best of the best to help her and we love Auntie Lee, who picks Webby up each morning and drops him off in the afternoon. I seriously cannot recommend Healthy Hounds more than I do. If you are nervous or apprehensive about doggy daycare, I beg you to reach out to Rachel! She will put your mind at ease and assure you, your pup is in good hands. How do I know? A) The pictures she texts me throughout the day of Webby having a blast with his cousins/friends, B) Webby CANNOT wait to get to playgroup every morning and C) He sleeps like a baby when he gets home, probably dreaming of playing with all of his friends. Rachel, I am so unbelievably happy I found you and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our family! Webby loves you so much! Seriously people, reach out to her and I promise you will be so happy you did!

Shaina, Webby’s Mom, Peabody

If you are interested in finding an extraordinary daycare for your loving dog, I can help you.

I highly recommend Healthy Hounds Doggie Daycare. It is the cleanest daycare I have ever seen. They hide nothing because they want you to feel that your dog is in a clean, safe, and caring environment.

If there is a bladder or bowel sighting it immediately gets cleaned and disinfected.

The inside rubber flooring is designed to protect their joints. The whole daycare area is immaculate.

If meals are to be given, they are. There is also a snack time for all. Fresh water is available to them.

The owner and staff always interact with the dogs. The owner considers all the dogs as her furry children. She loves them all and always shows it. I know all this because my dog attends Healthy Hounds and has for 6 years.

Joyce Carson, Heidi’s Mom, Salem

We will be starting our 4th year with healthy Hounds and could not be more pleased with the quality of care and service.

Rachel and staff are extremely caring and accommodating, and provide a great deal of flexibility working with our schedule. Our dog loves and looks forward to going there, and waits by the door on those mornings when she is being picked up by Healthy Hounds. And Rachel has provided excellent overnight dog sitting in her home when needed. But above and beyond is the level of attention devoted to seeing to our dogs’ physical and mental well-being. Please feel free to contact me regarding any question about their services.

Steve Kingsbury, Arya’s Dad, Marblehead


We started going to Healthy Hounds a few months ago. Within 2 visits it has become the highlight of our pup Cleo’s day, she cannot get in the car fast enough in the morning.

We send her almost 5 days a week and every day she comes home happy and exhausted. Rachel is extremely considerate of making sure the right dogs spend time together and is always responsive to a text. Throughout the day Rachel sends us photos of Cleo and her “cousins” having a ball together and we love to see them! We would absolutely recommend Healthy Hounds to anyone with a puppy who needs socialization or even just for any dog to get some (intense) exercise.

Robert Seymour, Cleo’s Dad, Salem

5 stars – Healthy Hounds has been a godsend for us and our two quarantine pups! The owner Rachel is unbelievably caring, and my girls love her so much. They are so excited when they know they are on their way to see Rachel and their puppy friends!

Healthy Hounds has shorter days, but that is always enough for my rambunctious and high energy girls! Every time they come home from Healthy Hounds they happily wipe out on the couch for the rest of the day! And if that’s not enough to get you to try Healthy Hounds, Rachel always emails me adorably candid shots of my girls playing with their friends throughout the day! In times of high stress it is a relief to know that while I can’t be with my pups they are somewhere safe and fun with someone who loves them like their own.

Bridget, Ruby C and Trixie’s Mom, Marblehead

Healthy Hounds is great!  They pay close attention to each dog’s personality to make sure there is a harmonious group of dogs at play.
They also make sure the play area is clean to help protect the dogs’ health. They are in close contact with all pet owners to make sure they can see and know their dog is happy, safe, and having all the doggo fun they can. It’s most def my favorite dog’s place to be! When she hears the magic words, “wanna go to DDC?” She runs to the door and anxiously awaits to go into the car and get there. My dog plays her heart out while there and comes home happy and tired… and eager for the next time she gets to go. 
Rebecca S., Ellie’s Mom, Salem
We are so thankful to have found Healthy Hounds Doggie Day Care and Professional Services. As first time dog parents, we searched endlessly to find the best “out of our home” socialization group for our (then) 3 month old labradoodle pup, and Rachel’s doggie playgroups ended up being more than anything we could have asked for.
Our little guy has made so many friends at Healthy Hounds over the past few months, and at this point, we can’t even pull into the parking lot without him getting absolutely excited (understatement). Rachel goes above and beyond to ensure that she pairs our pup with other pups alike (personality, temperament, playfulness, etc., Rachel is an expert!). Rachel provides us with daily updates, photos, suggestions, and so much more. Rachel takes such special care of all the dogs at play group, I sincerely trust that our (very energetic) little guy is in the best care when he is at Healthy Hounds! As a dog parent, all you want is for your 4 legged child to feel loved, and love is exactly what Rachel provides. 
Stephanie + Todd, Cannoli’s parents, Swampscott