Rates + Payments

Due to COVID related safety guidelines, our services have temporarily changed.

Payment for dog care services is due at the beginning of each day, week, or month. We currently accept cash & checks. Please place cash inside an envelope marked with the date(s) of service, amount, and your dog’s name.

We currently offer daily playgroups starting at $20 with contactless, optional transportation available for an additional charge. For further information, contact Healthy Hounds at 617-821-6941.

Playgroups are the perfect place for your pup to have fun, exercise, and socialize.

We believe that a tired dog is a happy dog!

Healthy Hounds Doggie Daycare Rates - March 2024
Quotation Mark
Healthy Hounds is great! They pay close attention to each dog's personality to make sure there is a harmonious group of dogs at play... It's most def my favorite dog's place to be! When she hears the magic words, "wanna go to DDC?" She runs to the door and anxiously awaits to go into the car and get there. My dog plays her heart out while there and comes home happy and tired... and eager for the next time she gets to go.