Two year old Salem resident Heidi is happy that her mother found Healthy Hounds
Hello, my name is Heidi. I am a two-year-old part Golden Retriever, part Yellow Lab. My mom, Joyce, decided that I should have some exercise, more than she is able to give me.
We were at a loss as to which doggie daycare I would go to. Well…let me tell you I am so happy she chose Healthy Hounds Doggie Daycare.
Let me tell you a little about the owner. Her name is Rachel and I just love her so much. She requires a clean bill of health from your vet. She wants to know all her “poochies” are healthy. We know she and her staff  love us because they play ball with us along with a lot of laughs, hugs, and kisses too. We have great run areas inside and outside so all of my friends and I can run, jump and play all day. Rachel also makes sure we get our meals (if needed), snacks and rest periods.
If you have a dog and are looking for a doggie daycare, bring the little guy or gal to Healthy Hounds Doggie Daycare and I’ll introduce them to all my friends and I’ll bet they’ll love it here.
Thank you,
(Joyce Carson’s dog)


Brock has been going to Healthy Hounds since he was 5 months old, which Brock will tell you is the best decision we have made!  Every morning, he waits in anticipation to go visit with his friends, and in the car ride he moans and cries because he cannot wait to get there.  As soon as we get him out of the car in the morning, he sprints to the door of Healthy Hounds and is the happiest dog in the world as soon as he gets inside.  When we arrive to pick him up, he avoids us at all cost, just hoping to spend a few more minutes there.  We often have to corner him, so we can grab him!!!  When Brock returns home after a day at Healthy Hounds, he’s exhausted!!!  He spends his evenings on the couch sleeping, dreaming of all his fury little friends.I love how Brock’s confidence has grown since attending Healthy Hounds.  He used to be afraid of larger sized dogs,..  now he runs up to them, licks them in the face and wants to play!Rachel (the owner) is the best, her heart couldn’t be more open to loving each dog as if it’s her own.  She has the best team around her, who share her passion for dogs.  My favorite part is the family atmosphere that’s felt at Healthy Hounds, anyone can clearly see how much the dogs love each other and how much the staff loves the dogs.  It leaves you with no second thoughts of leaving your dog in the care of Rachel and her team.  We’re so grateful to have a safe, clean and fun atmosphere for our dog Brock to thrive in day after day.
Gina M.
(Brock’s happy mother)


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.20.01 AM
Hi, my name is Cooper and I have been coming here to Healthy Hounds since October 2014.  I love my days here!  I get so excited when they come to pick me up and can’t wait to get here and play with all my friends.  I get to play indoors and outdoors, play with the big guys and little guys and my very favorite activity is playing ball.  Everyone here is so nice to me.  All they want is for me to have a good time and to love me.  It also makes my Mom happy because the play areas are kept very clean and they do everything they can to make sure I play with healthy friends.  Between you and me, I am exhausted (in a good way) when I get home but I can’t wait to come back.


My dog, Monty, has been going Healthy Hounds for almost 3 years and I am so grateful for the love and wonderful care provided there.  My husband and I work full-time so when we decided to adopt Monty, I started researching and visiting doggie daycares immediately.  I chose Healthy Hounds because I found it to be the cleanest, coziest doggie daycare in the area.  The dogs receive personalized attention from the owners and staff who take them for walks, play with them all day and let them curl up in their laps for naps when needed.  Healthy Hounds also offers a large outdoor run to play in when the weather permits.
The owners, Rachel and Greg, are wonderful!  They are kind, welcoming and voluntarily gave me a tour of the entire facility at our fist meeting… completely transparent.  They truly love and take care of the dogs like they are their own.  The staff is wonderful, too!
We adopted a second dog, Violet, and she also goes to Healthy Hounds.  Both “kids” love spending time there.  They always come home happily exhausted.  Violet, in particular, has thrived.  She has made incredible progress in socializing with other dogs and humans thanks, in large part, to the love and care she receives at Healthy Hounds.
I am incredibly thankful to Rachel, Greg and their team and highly recommend Healthy Hounds!
Gina M.


Local residents  Meredith & Chad  have been bringing Napa since she was a pup.
Napa has been going to Healthy Hounds since she was a little puppy – about four months old. From the very beginning, we knew she loved it by the furious tail wagging before the front door was even opened. She all but sprints across the parking lot to greet Rachel and her staff.
 At this point, our girl is over a year and a half old and still goes to daycare three times a week. Every daycare day continues to be a wonderful break for us parents, because she is always so mellow after playing with her friends all day. It couldn’t be more convenient, and the staff could not be more professional and caring. What makes all the difference for us is the personal attention that Napa gets. She loves it and so do we!



Long time customers and Marblehead residents Natalie and Rob share this:
Khaleesi (our Lab/Boxer/Pitt mix) has been attending doggie daycare at Healthy Hounds twice a week for over 1.5 years. Rachel is one of her favorite people in the world! She eagerly awaits the days that we ask her if she “is going to play with the puppies?!?!” and she usually arrives at daycare to greet everyone (humans and dogs alike) with lots of kisses!
We chose Healthy Hounds for a few reasons: the rubber dog-friendly floors throughout the large indoor play areas, the availability of a safe outdoor play area, the multitude of toys and other friendly dogs to play with, their long-hours of daily availability, their flexible options of drop-off/pick-up & extended hours, and many other convenient and dog-friendly amenities. We would also like to mention their concern for SAFE  puppy and dog-friendly play including their commitment to a clean facility, constant supervision, yearly required immunization records, and separate puppy vs dog play areas.
Khaleesi always enters confidently with her tail wagging and exits excitedly to fall asleep in the car on our ride home. We are very thankful for all of the wonderful staff and Healthy Hounds Doggie Daycare!


New Salem residents Rachel & Jared share many of the things they like about us:
We moved to Salem and almost immediately needed doggie daycare for our dog while we are away at work. It can be difficult to find a good place you trust with your pet, but Rachel put us immediately at ease when we had our meeting to introduce Pepper and learn more about Healthy Hounds. We walked away from the meeting knowing that it would be a great place for our pup. Rachel cares deeply about dogs and their well-being, and when I dropped Pepper off for her first day I knew she would be in good hands. The facility itself is extremely clean—it doesn’t have that “kennel smell” that lots of boarding and daycare places have. Further, they take a lot of care when introducing new dogs and making sure each dog is in a “pack” where they can play safely and happily. I know that Pepper is safe and happy every day when I head off to work, which is really important to us.
Beyond safety, the dogs are treated as though they are their own. Rachel is a gifted photographer and shares photos of the dogs for their first day, their birthdays, and spontaneously throughout the year. When Pepper arrives in the morning, she is so happy to see Rachel, not to mention all of her new puppy friends and. There’s no doubt that Pepper loves to visit Healthy Hounds and they love her, too.
Pepper has the energy of a puppy, so it’s really important to us that she gets lots of exercise. As soon as she arrives, she is ready to play and I know she gets plenty of playtime during the day because she is tired by the time we get home. Without this time, she would be bouncing off the walls every night, so we’re glad she gets the chance to run and play (as dogs love to do) for several hours every day.