Health & Wellness


We take the health and wellness of all of our dogs very seriously!

We provide 6 safe, separate, sanitary and supervised indoor/outdoor play spaces covering 4,000+ square feet.

We have never had any significant injuries or hospitalizations related to our daycare.

We utilize the gold standard in testing to screen for intestinal parasites before starting daycare.

What we do to keep your dog safe, happy and healthy:

• High ratio of staff supervision to dogs

• Use of disposable food bowls to help prevent the spread of disease

• Clean, sanitize and disinfect regularly

• Dogs are routinely let outside and/or walked to eliminate. Since many of our dogs do not like to eliminate in their play spaces, we feel that it is important to do this throughout the day. Much like us, a dog who needs to go can feel stressed. We try to limit this and also foster what you have taught them by bringing them outside.

• 3/4 inch thick rubber flooring in most indoor area helps to protect dogs’ joints (and ours, too)!

• Require the best possible test to screen for parasites before starting daycare

• Require Kennel Cough shots every six months

• A veterinarian on record at Hawthorn Animal Healthcare